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FXGlobe is a leading online trading broker, with over 10,000 registered customers worldwide and volumes of more than $10 billion per month. 

Unlike regular trading sites, FXGlobe is far more than the online extension of a financing institution; rather, it is distinguished by its user-oriented interface, developed by retail traders who know and understand this exciting market sector best. With a 24/7 multi-lingual support center, a highly advanced interface, and a friendly, functional trading environment, FXGlobe is the most user-centered online broker to be found.

All activities are enabled on FXGlobe via Metatrader, the ideal trading platform and the world's most widely used one. It also covers most financial markets, has multicurrency based system, and is displaying high productivity. It is safe and reliable, with a flexible system and integration with web services. It provides its users with a full-cycle broker application, that is by now the industry standard at Forex market.   

FXGlobe is regulated to the highest standards of the European Union. FXGlobe deep understanding of the internet finance technology enables it to meet the highest possible standards of maintaining customers' integrity and security.

The FXGlobe Metatrader services provide the forex trader with a state-of-the-art, award-winning platform. Even with the most sophisticated trading tools, it has an interface that is simple to use. It also allows access to news , updates, analysis and charts the trader may find necessary. You can also trade many financial instruments such as: Forex,Oil, CFDs (DJ, S&P500, FTSE, DAX, CAC, MIB, NIKKEI and others), Gold, Silver, Sugar, Cotton, Gas and other Commodities.

Trading through the FXGlobe Metatrader platform assures maximum fund safety. Online news and a free Metatrader Forex demo account are also part of the services offered, making it easy for anyone to start trading.

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Metatrader Platform

Metatrader is the innovative state-of-the-art online trading platform which is perfect for all types of investors. Metatrader has the best client terminal and full coverage of all markets and much more. For full overview of the Metatrader platform, please follow this link.