Frequently Asked Questions

We at FXGlobe believe in openness and constant dialogue with our clients. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. For your convenience, we compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions you might find useful.

Registration - Common Problems

Is my money safe with FXGlobe?
FXGlobe is regulated to the highest standards of the EU. 

How do I start trading?
Sign up quickly and easily for an account via the FXGlobe main site and start trading right away.

What is the minimum amount to start trading online on FXGlobe?
You can start trading on Metatrader platform for as low as $100.

What currencies can be traded on FXGlobe Metatrader?
All tradable currencies can be traded online via our Metatrader.

Is forex the only trading option available?
No. You can also trade in commodities, CFDsoil, metals and more, using our Metatrader platform.

Can I practice online trading before I start trading with real money?
Certainly, you can sign up for a free $100,000 demo account and start practice trading until you feel you are ready to start your own real account.

What is a demo account?
A demo account is a free and simple way for you to experience what it is like to trade for real. Registering for a demo account is very quick and costs nothing. For a limited time, you get an individual username and password and can access our fully functional  Metatrader platform.

What do I do if I encounter any problems trading online?
Our 24/7 multilingual support center will help you with any questions you might have via phone, e-mail or the live help chat center.

How is FXGlobe any different from other online trading companies?
Unlike regular trading sites, FXGlobe is far more than the online extension of a financing institution; rather, it is distinguished by its user- oriented interface, developed by retail traders who know and understand this exciting market sector best.

Can I change my account details?
You can change your username, password or email by logging into the website with your user name and password  and then going to Support, change the appropriate field and fill in your details.

Are there any commissions or fees to be paid?
There are no fees or commissions when trading with our Metatrader platform. We are compensated through the difference between the buy and sell prices.

How do I deposit funds?
You can deposit funds with us in a variety of ways: Credit cards, Wire transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Web Money and more.

Can I open multiple accounts?
Yes, it is possible to link several trading accounts to yours, and thus manage more than one account from your main one.

Do you have any partnership programs?
Yes, we have unique and customized partnership options, such as White Labels, Introducing Brokers (IBs) and Asset Managers, with differences according to  individual needs and desires.

What is FXGlobe?
FXGlobe is an online Metatrader broker.

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